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RAMENGVRL has everything going in the right direction

LiFTED | LIFTED STAFF | 13 Jun 2022

For a good part of its history, Hip Hop has been misogynistic, homophobic, and agist. Over the past few years, the old walls are getting smashed away with a sledgehammer and there are a lot of incredible female MCs rocking the mic, gay rappers being welcomed into Hip Hop, and older rappers putting out amazing music. At LiFTED, we welcome all Asian MCs with any gender identities. The LiFTED 50 list is 20 percent female MCs. We only expect that number to keep growing and growing as more women jump into the Hip Hop game and take it over.

One MC who is already running this space is RAMENGVRL. There are very few Asian rappers who made a bigger splash in 2021 and 2022. In the past few years she’s made her bones in the Asian game with huge singles like ‘I’m The Man,’ ‘I Am Me,’ and ‘Ca$hmere’. This year she dropped some absolute heatrocks like ‘I’m Ugly’ and ‘Ain’t no MF’ that have racked up millions of YouTube views – the latter had a crazy remix with Korean stars PH-1, Ash B, and Bryn. She also dropped 16 bars on a dope, if under-appreciated joint with fellow Indonesian artists Marion Jola and Danilla, ‘Don’t Touch Me’ that explores male-female double standards. Oh, and she signed with Warner Music’s new pan-Asian label Asiatic Records [along with Mrs M].

Right now, RAMENGVRL has everything going in the right direction, and with her combination of memorable lyrics, ATTITUDE, and ability to spit effortlessly in English, she seems poised to break out worldwide. We predict that she may top this list at one point in her career.

Her latest single ‘Facts’ just dropped on the Asiatic.wav Vol 1 playlist and its beat has one of the catchiest synth hooks so far of 2022, as well as one of RAMENGVRL’s typically hard-to-forget choruses. The future is very bright for Indonesia’s top MC not named Rich Brian.

Watch out for 'Onto the Next,' her latest dreamy single about moving on from past relationships.