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RAMENGVRL goes live from Dexter Sound Lab

The Indonesian MC runs through a string of her latest releases

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 Jun 2022


One of the distinguishing characteristics of a great artist is that they are never NOT in the news. Take RAMENGVRL, for example. The top female rapper on the LiFTED 50 list is always on her hustle and grind all the time. It’s not only that. What she comes up with week in and week out is always quality.

Take, for example, her latest release ‘Live Sessions.’ In the nearly eight-minute video, RAMENGVRL starts off with her latest hit, ‘FACTS,’ off the asiatic.wav Vol.1 playlist. The song bumps and in a live setting it hits even harder. Then, she runs through a medley of ‘I’m Ugly,’ ‘Fake Friends,’ ‘WHO DIS?’, and ‘Ain’t No MF.’

The set-up is fairly simple at Dexter Sound Lab in Jakarta. The dark lighting looks moody but highlights RAMENGVRL fantastically. There are a lot of records on the wall for some added Old-School ambiance. The camera angles switch a lot showing the editing is top-notch. Then there is RAMENGVRL. She’s great at a packed show or in front of a few cameras in a music studio. That’s what being a great artist is all about.

Check out RAMENGVRL’s ‘Live Session’ below.