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MC HotDog to headline 2 Taipei Arena shows

Christmas comes early for Dirty Artist fans

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Nov 2023

MC HotDog’s signature song, ‘Wo Ai Tai Mei’ is not only one of the biggest songs in Karaoke history but also was such a massive hit in Taiwan and China that it led Asian Hip Hop and the MC into the stratosphere starting in 2006. Now, a decade after being one of the first local Hip Hop artists to sell out the Taipei Arena, MC HotDog is back for a two-night stand on December 23 and 24 called Dirty Artist. And he’s bringing a lot of friends with him.

For the past month, MC HotDog has been releasing songs and videos, getting his name back out there, after an incident where he was accused of plagiarizing words and ideas from a manga artist for his song, ‘The Tenant Downstairs.’ HotDog apologized, put the incident behind him, and is now leaning even more into his bad-boy image for his Dirty Artist headlining shows, which will include guests MJ116 [E.So, Muta, and Kenzy] as well as Soft Lipa.

The promo of the shows has a great line, “He is a very dirty artist and the most fragrant bouquet of flowers on cow shit!”

Getting to see one of Taiwan’s OGs for Christmas is a great stocking stuffer, so get your tickets for the show here.