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IRONBOY goes completely ‘Super Sonic’ on brand new single

The Thai MC shows a different side of his MCing

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 7 Dec 2023

Take one look at IRONBOY’s discography, and you’ll see that the Thai MC has been steadily releasing singles since 2021. This year, however, he’s turned things up a notch with stellar singles being dropped back to back.

The latest of the lot, ‘Super Sonic’, IRONBOY goes into hyper speed. On it, he introduces a side of his MCing that we have not really heard just yet. The track arrived on all streaming platforms on November 30 via Def Jam Thailand, and it’s a brilliant, high-energy take.

IRONBOY rides through the track’s energy in his first verse, building up the tempo for an unrelenting second half, and when it comes, it hits you right in your face. For his second verse, IRONBOY channels his inner Busta Rhymes and spits his rhymes in a crazy frenzy. Forget double-time, he goes just as the track’s name suggests, Super Sonic quick.

What else does IRONBOY have in his arsenal that he has been holding out? We don’t know, but we are definitely excited to find out.

Check out the lyric video for IRONBOY’s ‘Super Sonic’ below.