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RAMENGVRL drops straightforward ‘FACTS’ on highly anticipated asiatic.wav Vol.1

Mrs M, Tsunari, & others are featured on this impressive playlist

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 13 May 2022

First up to the plate was Mrs M. She put out ‘Daughter of Khan’ which celebrated Mongolian female icons. The song hit it out of the park because within a week, the video racked up more than a million views. Next in the batting box was ‘Pills’ by Thomas Ng and Phum Viphurit. This slow-burning R&B track got a lot of ears on Spotify.

Now, the clean-up hitter is here and RAMENGVRL is ready to smack a grand slam out of the park with her latest, ‘FACTS,’ on the asiatic.wav Vol.1 playlist. In ‘FACTS,’ RAMENGVRL lets loose on her haters that try to complain she’s a label jumper or that they don’t like her style. She’s unfazeable, and anything that people say about her just slides off like water on a duck’s back. “Hitting up the beat, just to set the world on fire/You say you want beef?/Bitch, I’m good. I’m on a diet.”

That’s the thing that makes RAMEN so special. She comes with it every time and only wants to do her thing. F everybody else. She believes in her vision and has competent people around her to help her make her dreams realities. Those are the ‘FACTS.’

Two other tracks round out this roster - Tsunari’s ‘Cinematic’ and OZworld’s ‘Cry 4 the moon.’ Tsunari always goes in, and OZworld here has a hypnotic, spaced out jam that nicely closes out asiatic.wav Vol.1.

Listen to asiatic.wav Vol.1 below.