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Tsunari contemplates what could have been in ‘Dai Pao [ได้ป่าว]’

The queen is not only on the chessboard

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 Jan 2022

If you wanted to watch Tsunari’s videos just for her stunning fashion choices, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. But what’s even better is that her songs always slap, and her latest release, ‘Dai Pao ได้ป่าว],’ is no exception.

Tsunari came up with the idea of the song a year ago when she was out partying. She saw a dashing gentleman and flirted with him from across the room. They exchanged smiles and then nothing. The guy didn’t make the move. She was frustrated and disappointed and that's where ‘Dai Pao’ comes in.

In the hook in the song, she sings, “If you want to start, press play/Let’s get hitched/No time/No delay.” She’s basically saying that to win a game you need to shoot a shot. In the video, Tsunari is positioned as the queen of her chess board. In a stunning white outfit and some gray streaks in her hair to match, she tells the would-be casanovas that they don’t need to come at her if they are taken, players, or other F-boy types. If they have patience and play their game of chess just right, they might just end up deep in the valley.

Tsunari also rocks some fierce looks in this one. The above-mentioned white outfit is fly and so are her other selections, like an all-black PVC piece with an arm cut out and some black stunna shades. She’s got a fabulous tie-dye bodysuit as well a very sexy after-work dress with a maroon fluffy hat that slays.

Tsunari deserves to be at a big-time fashion show, kicking her rhymes, and then after she’s done, she needs to be walking on that runway.

Check out Tsunari’s ‘Dai Pao [ได้ป่าว]’ below.