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Tsunari unleashes her origin story with ‘Since Young’

Fresh raps over Drill beats mixed with Thai instrumentation

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Oct 2021

After spending most of her life in Saudi Arabia and Thailand, Tsunari took a leap of faith and moved to London by herself to try and make it in the music industry. Year one was rough, with late nights working in kitchens to survive and some rejections for music and acting. But there was a break when she met and started working with manager, Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei, who made a plan.

That project is in full effect as Tsunai got Milli on a track, ‘Whip It,’ earlier this year. Now, she’s giving people her origin story on ‘Since Young,’ a banger over a Drill beat that definitely gets the heads bobbing.

LiFTED caught up with Tsunari as she was dropping the new track.

How did you get from Korat, Thailand to where you are now?

My mother is from Korat and my father is from Trinidad/UK. I was born in the UK and had only spent the first year of my life there before relocating. The majority of my upbringing was between Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

Once I settled in Korat, I fully embraced my Thai heritage and had a wide variety of experiences that shaped my mindset. Music was my escape during the bad times. That’s when I discovered artists like Lauryn Hill, Destiny’s Childs, and Aaliyah. That moment was when I decided that music was my future.

I started working on my vocals and entered local singing competitions to get experience. After winning a few competitions, I had the confidence to really take things further. I was awarded a music scholarship at the Conservatory of Music, Rangsit University.

After I completed one year of my courses, I decided that the only way for me to succeed in music as a mixed-race person in Thailand was to leave to find more opportunities. I joined a few jazz bands and performed in Bangkok just to save enough money for my flight and accommodation for London.

Once I saved enough, I took the leap of faith and moved to London on my own! The first year was rough, my savings were running out, I had to work in kitchens and I was rejected for several music auditions and acting roles. Things became tough and self-doubts naturally kicked in. I used my last bit of savings to book a recording studio session to get my ideas and frustrations out of my head for my own sanity. I was lost with no direction. This is when I met my manager Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei who helped develop a plan and structure for making my dream happen.

After years of releasing music independently in the UK, I missed home and saw the growing Hip Hop and R&B scenes in Thailand really develop. I wanted to contribute to my own culture and adapted my side to incorporate my own roots. That was the goal of ‘Since Young.’

What do you want the listeners to get from ‘Since Young’?

’Since Young’ is an empowerment song that I wrote to really uplift people who have dreams but also face setbacks and obstacles. No matter what you’re going through right now, it is only temporary so keep fighting. Always remember how you felt as a kid when you discovered your dream and passion so keep pushing to maintain that connection to that inner child that wants to grow and live!

Do you think there is an Asian Drill sound?

Drill has been sweeping the airwaves all around Europe with the UK having achieved its first number one Drill song. I think the sound is very edgy but universal enough for other cultures to customize and add their own influences. An Asian Drill sound is brewing and I support all creativity fully.

Check out Tsunari's 'Since Young' below.