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DaBoyWay thinks global as he gets Mark B to join him on ‘POGO’

Thailand & the Dominican Republic connect

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Sep 2023

DaBoyWay has always been thinking big. From taking Hip Hop from the streets into the stadiums in Thailand to having songs with Snoop to playing dates in the US on his Way’s World Tour, he and his group Thaitanium are the OGs who are still running their ever-growing corner of Asian Hip Hop.

Recently, DaBoyWay linked up with the Dominican Republic’s Mark B for the club burner ‘POGO.’ The Latin and Reggaeton-infused track is hype right from the get-go, and it is guaranteed to get people out of their seats and dancing wherever they are.

The video is unapologetically geared towards the female derrière which is shaking, moving, grinding, and going up and down like a pogo stick in nearly every shot. Mark B goes first in Spanish, and DaBoyWay has the second verse in English with a few lines of Thai dropped in. The hashtag #pogodance is also burning up TikTok with 9.1 million views and countless people doing their versions of the dance in the video.

Check out DaBoyWay and Mark B in ‘POGO’ below.