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Pyra comes ‘out!’ in new LGBTQIA+ anthem

The genre-defying apocalypse-predicting dystopian warrior is finally free

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 6 May 2022

Pyra has finally broken free.

She’s just moved nearly 10,000 kilometers from Thailand to London. She’s out of her record contract. She’s finished with an old relationship. And she’s got a new song, ‘out!’ where she unabashedly declares her pansexuality over a futuristic Electro Hip Pop beat.

“London feels like home. For the first time in my life, I don't feel so out of place anymore,” said Pyra in a check-in with LiFTED. “The best part of it is that I get to meet the best of the best artists in this city. Everyone lives or comes through London. The art and music scene is vibrant and alive. People are living normally with no pandemic fear.”

Fans of Pyra know that she’s loud, proud, and has been championing equality since she got into music. She announces her pansexuality in ‘out!’ as only she can, “Baby I’ll take your cheque/Maybe I’ll take your chic/And maybe I’ll take your man too/And you can jump off my dick/I make it drip drop/I make the bass drop/See ever since I came out /Everybody jump on my Bangkok.”

While she is enjoying the freedom she’s earned, everything is not always glitter and rainbows for Pyra. “Let me be super honest here, it's like being a caged zoo leopard being released into the wild. If you look back at history, freedom always comes with big sacrifices. There's always a price to pay in exchange for freedom. Coming out as pansexual may result in me losing some homophobic fans. Coming out of a relationship that was going nowhere broke my heart. Coming out of Bangkok to London brings me loneliness because I am disconnected from all the relationships and the things I've built. Coming out of a major label record deal to being an independent artist once again isn't easy.”

Does she regret any of the decisions she has made? “Definitely not. At the very least, I've found a place that has made me feel at home.”

Check out Pyra’s ‘out!’ below.