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Taiwan’s PRETTYNICE LTD. collabs with Billionaire Boys Club

It’s their second collaborative drop this year, following from one with WESTSIDE LOVE

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 20 Feb 2024

PRETTYNICE LTD. is a Taiwanese streetwear brand that has been churning out some of the dopest things around in 2024. In January, they collaborated with WESTSIDE LOVE to drop a line of hoodies, floor mats, Nate Dogg plushies, slip mats, and tote bags.

Moving into February and the Lunar New Year festivities, they released yet another collaborative drop. This time, however, it’s with Pharell Williams’ famed brand, Billionaire Boys Club. Using a who’s who of Taiwan’s movers and shakers including two-time Red Bull 3style champion DJ Afro, DJ Mr. Gin, GorDoN, producer Tipsy, Frankie, and more, the modest drop has only two iterations of T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, and a single fitted cap design. As the saying goes, quality over quantity.

The items became available for purchase online as well as in selected stores on February 10, with the TPE T-shirts going for US$66.27, FLYING B hoodies priced at $180.96, BLAZE DOG jeans for US$209.63, and the FLYING B fitted cap for US$75.82.

Although it was a Lunar New Year drop, these pieces are timeless and suited for all occasions. The best part? They’re still available right now.

Check out PRETTYNICE LTD.’s full shop here.