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No one works harder than Hustlang Robber & he proves it with a ‘Maybach Truck’

The Vietnamese MC drops his 20th single of the year

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 24 Nov 2023

If there was a crown for the hardest-working MC in Vietnam, Hustlang Robber’s claim to it would be undisputed. Some may take months to write a track, and sometimes MCs have multiple unreleased tracks sealed in their label’s vaults, only seeing the light some years after it was recorded.

This is not the case for Hustlang Robber. We’re now at the tail-end of the year, and he has released 20 singles via the Hustlang label so far. The latest of the lot, ‘Maybach Truck’ arrived on all digital streaming platforms on November 13.

The bass-heavy three-minute stomper showcases Hustlang Robber at his best with multiple flows and a whole lot of swagger. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Hustlang Robber’s stellar 2023, he does not run out of bars.

Check out the visualizer for Hustlang Robber’s ‘Maybach Truck’ below.