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K-Town Clan brings the Crunk out for ‘Colourman’

Got Guinness? Trust that Malaysia’s K-Town Clan will be there

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 9 May 2023

Some people take their drinking preferences very seriously. So much so that they might even drop a track about their favorite brand. The Hip Hop trio hailing from Malaysia, K-Town Clan, did exactly that.

Their brand new single titled ‘Colourman’ arrived on all digital streaming platforms on May 3. It features a Crunk production, and the trio, Big Bo, Dravid, and Roshan Jamrock take turns to drop their celebratory-Guinness related bars in English, Malay, and Tamil. The track then culminates in a final verse with the three of them, shouting out their statuses in the game – “Real Gs, they know/In the streets, they know/My name, they know/Don’t play, they know/We ain’t industry, we in the streets.”

The accompanying music video opens up with a hilarious skit between the trio. Roshan orders Dravid Guinness’ newest draft in their local Chinese shop and teaches Dravid the art of pouring. All excited to try it, he gets intercepted by Big Bo who teaches him the art of drinking, leaving Dravid flabbergasted. The three MCs then get on to the streets to talk their sh*t, and you can tell they’re having a good time while they’re at it.

Check out the music video for K-Town Clan’s ‘Colourman’ below.