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Jin can rhyme on anything on ‘Beat Kun Do’

The MC celebrates Lunar New Year with a tribute to Bruce Lee

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Feb 2024 Jin hasn’t been this hot since his Jinsanity run on 106 & Park’s Freestyle Fridays. From being on Rap of China with some of the best artists of this generation to doing podcasts in Taiwan with Jeremy Lin, the MC has been making moves.

In 2024, Jin is not stopping. He released the heater ‘Beat Kun Do’ just in time for Lunar New Year. In the video, Jin puts on a Bruce Lee jacket and goes off. Soon, there’s a Jersey Club break in the middle with three dancers going crazy at 1.5 speed. The beat slows down again, but this time Jin is joined by a dancing lion to celebrate the year of the dragon.

The one thing about Jin is that from the time he started rapping until now, he always drops some nice bombs in his lyrics. Particularly triple fire emojis on ‘Beat Kun Do’ is how he ends the song by throwing some of Bruce Lee’s philosophy in, “My style is no style/Just thought y’all should know/Every performance is formless/I’m water with the flow.”

Check out MC Jin’s ‘Beat Kun Do’ below.