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1300 traverses genres with 9-track mixtape GEORGE

The Korean-Australian outfit embodies the left-field approach idea

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 22 Apr 2024

The Korean-Australian Hip Hop collective 1300 is one of those acts where it’s impossible to box them into a specific sound. While most MCs and groups create a formula after a while, 1300 always finds a way to mix things up. 1300’s signature sound is not having one.

It comes as no surprise that their latest mixtape, GEORGE, which was released on April 17 via Eastern Margins, is a mixed bag of sounds and flavors. The nine-track project features six newly released takes like ‘Yao Ming’, ‘Wire’, ‘Follow Me’, ‘Superbad’, ‘Rock Lee’, and ‘Levitate’ – accompanied by previously released singles in‘GANTZ’, ‘Lalaland’, and ‘Ape Shit.’

The mixtape’s closing track ‘Levitate’, perfectly encapsulates the 1300 identity in all of its varied glory. It starts with a Punk-esque instrumental being played out while they Rap over it, and then transitioning into a Breakcore beat, all whilst keeping their delivery of bars exactly the same throughout. It’s not supposed to work, but it does, and that’s exactly what 1300 does best. They take the left-field approach and absolutely smash it.

Check out the video for 1300’s ‘Levitate’ and stream their mixtape GEORGE down below.