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8 people crushed to death at Travis Scott’s Astroworld

Tragedy unfolded during the enigmatic rapper’s headlining set

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Nov 2021

Travis Scott’s Hip Hop fantasyland, Astroworld, turned into hell on Earth as eight people were crushed to death when the rapper performed his headlining set on Friday, November 5 in Houston, Texas. Security, medics, and the police and fire departments were overwhelmed as the 50,000 people in attendance surged forward when the rapper started his set.

With a clock counting down from 30 minutes until his set, fans in the front started feeling people pushing on them from all sides. As soon as the first beat dropped, Mosh pits formed everywhere as attendees were thrilled to see Scott. That excitement turned to hysteria as people were crushed, trampled, and were gasping for air everywhere. Scott stopped his set three times to tell security to help people who looked injured, but the rapper had no idea of the devastation until after the show. Many people are criticizing Scoot and Apple Music, which was streaming the show, for continuing the performance even though people were clearly getting hurt. In videos posted to TikTok, attendees can be seen dancing on top of ambulances who were trying to get help to those in need.

At 2019’s Astroworld, three people were trampled trying to rush the gates. Earlier in the day on November 5, video showed people gate hopping a VIP entrance to get into the show. The limit on this year’s Astroworld was 50,000, because of COVID-19 restrictions, but it seems as though many more people got it.

After the festival, Travis Scott released a statement saying he’s absolutely devastated about what happened at Astroworld.