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DJs Koco & Nu-Mark to headline Do-Over Japan

You’re not supposed to know this

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Jun 2024

Sometimes when you have a lineup so good, it’s hard to keep the cat in the bag. The Do-Over, an amazing LA party that travels the world and doesn’t announce its guest DJs, makes the annual pilgrimage to Tokyo this Saturday, June 22. The parties are always great since people come for the vibes and the guest DJs are just an extra treat, but LiFTED has decoded a series of hints left on social media.

In emails promoting the party, there are hints that DJ Koco, the 45 god, will be there as he is regularly known as everyone’s favorite seven-inch spinner. His funkiness and ability to rock crowds with his high-speed mixing leaves punters in awe.

DJ Nu-Mark is also in Asia, has a blank spot on his Asian tour poster for this Saturday, and Tokyo is his favorite city. These three clues guarantee that Uncle Nu will be in the building this weekend to rock the party in his specific way. Recently, Nu-Mark was on The R.O.A.D. podcast and discussed why only gives the crowds what he wants. He said, “I don’t read the crowds, they read me,” which is a provocative way to play a DJ set. If you’ve ever heard the eclecticism of Nu-Mark’s sets, you would know that this is the way it should be for him.

Check out DJ Nu-Mark’s 45 set at the Red Bull 3style world final below, and get tickets to the Do-Over here.