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1300 & EK rock the world on ‘GANTZ’

The Australian-Korean group go out of 2023 with a bang

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 29 Nov 2023

A passing of the torch from Hip Hop veterans to promising up-and-comers is always a beautiful sight, and 1300’s latest single ‘GANTZ’ with Korean Rap royalty EK is a shining example of such a moment.

This bilingual track sees the Australian-Korean Hip Hop band lay down frenetic verses alongside EK, as the band also delivers some of the most menacing production of their career to date. Almost reminiscent of Danny Brown’s ‘Old’ in its abrasiveness, the group manages to keep the track accessible with catchy flows and charismatic performances.

Speaking about the track, 1300 stated, “The song is about ambition and the pursuit of progress and perfection...gazing at the stars, reaching into the sky, and trying to capture everything”.

‘GANTZ’ is also their final release of the year following the brilliant singles ‘Steve Jobs’, ‘Lalaland’, and their EP <3. Each release shows a side of the band as they dabble in Drum & Bass, Trap, Dance music, and more.

The band is also known for its stellar visuals – as seen in every one of their music videos. Their eclectic energy overflows from their music into nearly every facet of their career. While ‘GANTZ’ doesn’t have a proper video yet, 1300 makes the possibilities endless.

Listen to 1300 and EK’s ‘GANTZ’ below.