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ShiGGa Shay embraces that mid-90s gritty feel with ‘What You Gon Do 你該怎麼辦’

The Golden Era returns 30 years later

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 14 Jun 2024

The 1990s were an incredible time for Hip Hop. In New York City, groups like Black Moon, Wu-Tang Clan, The Artifacts, Smif-N-Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, and MOP were running wild on the streets and in the recording studios. Their tracks had this Jazzy and gritty feel like they had been recorded in a back alley with 22 friends around chanting on the hooks. Recently, Pete Rock and Common have taken it back to this era with ‘Wise Up’ and ‘Dreamin’ invoking dope lyrical content with raw production.

In Asia, ShiGGa Shay always stays abreast of what's happening on the streets and in the metaverse. His latest, 'What You Gon Do 你該怎麼辦,’ is in that 1990s Boom Bap vein. With a menacing beat and ShiGGa’s voice gruffed up a bit, the song wouldn’t be out of place on a Lyricist Lounge compilation, 2024 style. Instead of just riding the gravy train that is Trap, Drill, and to some extent Jersey Club, ShiGGa shows that he knows how to zig when other people zag.

Check out ShiGGa Shay’s What You Gon Do 你該怎麼辦’ below.