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Sound’s Deli dishes out fresh rhythms & rhymes on ‘CLOVER’

This Japanese Rap collective is one to look out for

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 7 Feb 2024

What makes a Rap collective good? Is it their chemistry, personalities, or just downright good music? Truth is, there isn’t one specific factor that makes or breaks a group’s identity or music. However, a collective needs to define themselves.

For Sound’s Deli, a five-piece Hip Hop collective from Tokyo, it’s their eclectic mix of different flows and flavors, along with soulful instrumentals that make them stand out. That’s the secret sauce on their newest single, ‘CLOVER,’ released on January 31.

Sound’s Deli is made up of five MCs, G YARD, Gypsy Well, Kaleido, Moon Jam, and Tim Pepperoni, who all take turns expressing their styles on ‘CLOVER’, which is a theme that runs through all of their releases. Their first single came out in 2020, and now they’ve racked up two albums and EPs alongside multiple singles to their name – and we’re excited to see what else is in store from Sound’s Deli.

Check out Sound’s Deli’s ‘CLOVER’ below.