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Street Woman Fighter 2 releases tracks & choreography videos

The Korean dance reality show features cuts from Dynamicduo, Lee Young Ji, TAEYONG, TEN & more

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 13 Sep 2023

When it comes to television contest shows, there aren’t many countries that arguably go crazy over it like South Korea. A fine example is the acclaimed Hip Hop survival show, Mnet’s Show Me the Money. The series has been running for 11 years now, while also being the start of stardom for names such as Loco, Punchello, and most recently, Lee Young Ji. The series has also gone regional, with Thailand and Vietnam having their own iterations of it.

On August 22, a brand new season of Street Woman Fighter 2 was aired on Mnet. Here, instead of having MCs battle it out, the show is focused on female dance crews duking it out to be the country’s finest. On September 5, they released four tracks - Dynamicduo and Lee Young Ji’s ‘Smoke’, Crush and Paul Blanco’s ‘Click Like’, TAEYONG and TEN’s ‘Swipe’, and MIYEON and YUQI’s ‘How To Twerk’ – which soundtracked the crew’s choreography.

Each crew has a unique stage setting and energy throughout their respective performances, and it’s truly amazing to see how dancers react to the music. It’s also a great representation of how far and wide Hip Hop influence has trickled down and been taken in around the world – showcasing that the genre has always been for the people.

Check out the tracks alongside the amazing choreography by the Street Woman Fighter 2 contestants below.