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Jessi’s back & she’s got 6 dance crews to show out for her on ‘Cold Blooded’

The video and the episode dropped concurrently

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 20 Oct 2021

On Beats & Rhymes, one of the most popular Hip Hop playlists on Spotify, the latest song added is that wavy joint by Young Thug, Drake, and Travis Scott called ‘Bubbly.’ Letting the playlist go, next up is Lil Durk followed by an unreleased Mac Miller track. Two more tracks down is ‘Cold Blooded’ by KHop superstar Jessi. While this may just be a great placement, it seems more like the handwriting is on the wall and Jessi is well on her way to becoming a bonafide superstar globally.

‘Cold Blooded’ is mostly Trap before it turns into a Dubstep/Festival Trap beast. While the beat change might be a little too hardcore for Hip Hop heads, for dancers, like the YGX crew who won the chance to be in the video with Jessi, it’s the perfect time to show off some new moves.

On the South Korean reality show Street Woman Fighter, six dance crews had the opportunity to show off their skills and win a slot in the ‘Cold Blooded’ video. Jessi and PSY were the judges and picked out XGY. Since the show is prerecorded, they filmed a video, and then once the episode dropped, they concurrently released the new visuals.

With her dope feature in Yumdda’s ‘9ucci REMIX’ and 55 million views on the powerful ‘What Type of X?’, Jessi is having a field day in 2021. Soon she’ll be on the top of those hot Spotify playlists with Drake and the crew looking up at her.

Watch Jessi’s ‘Cold Blooded’ below.