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Roh Yun Ha has the beat of the year [so far] with ‘Money Bag’

CODEC comes with some fresh off-kilter sounds

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Jan 2024

Sometimes a beat is so good, that the second you hear it, it crawls into your brain and won’t come out. You know after four bars that the song is going to be dope. You can feel that the song is a hit right from the jump. ‘Money Bag’ by Roh Yun Ha with the beat produced by CODEC evokes that feeling as the off-kilter sounds make it the first contender for beat of the year, and it’s only January 12.

Roh Yun Ha is an alumnus of High School Rapper and Show Me the Money. While he didn’t win those shows, it doesn’t matter because being on TV got him in front of important people and got them to take notice. He put out a collaborative album called EarthQuake with Cherry Boy 17 in 2002 and has been consistently releasing quality collabs since.

In the video for ‘Money Bag,’ Roh sports a fresh Coogi sweater while he and his crew post up in a living room-like scene. There’s smoking. There are chips and dip. There are camera angles from underneath the glass coffee table. From there, Roh flexes in a dancing scene, and it even gets wet for a bit. With dope lyrics and a really fresh beat, ‘Money Bag,’ released on AP Alchemy It's Mine Field, is a great way to start off 2024.

Check out Roh Yun Ha’s ‘Money Bag’ below.