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Ikka has a cinematic touch on latest single ‘Laadla’

The Indian MC caps off a stellar year with another single

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 27 Dec 2023

Ikka is an MC who has rapped his way into being a mainstay in India’s mainstream Hip Hop scene after getting his start back in 2014. He is known for his popular tracks for Bollywood movies, such as ‘In Da Club,’ ‘Jawani Le Doobi,’ and ‘Jigliya.’

However, Ikka isn’t just an MC who makes music for films. He also released an album via Mass Appeal India back in 2020 titled I, which had guest features from the likes of DIVINE and Raftaar, amongst others. In 2022, he dropped his second album in NISHU, which was released under Kalamkaar, which is home to artists such as KR$NA and Deep Kalsi.

Ikka has always had a steady amount of singles within a calendar year, and that’s a testament to his craft. This year alone, he has released more than 10 singles, and he seems to be capping it all off with one more, ‘Laadla,’ which came out on December 18.

The music video for ‘Laadla’ features Monica Sharma, a famous Indian model and actress. Ikka shows off his cinematic touch in the video by creating a big-budget-like visual experience. The track does not fall short either, as Ikka smoothly raps his rhymes over a punchy beat while also singing on it.

Check out the video for Ikka’s ‘Laadla’ below.