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Multihyphenate RAFTAAR takes it up a notch with ‘GOAT DEKHO’

The MCs latest song is a sensory overload in the best possible way

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 Dec 2021

In India, one can’t be just a rapper. It doesn’t work that way. Instead, if you want to succeed in the music industry, an MC needs to sing, dance, produce music, act, judge, be into fashion, and even produce movies. Multihyphenate RAFTAAR, who does all these and even runs his label Kalamkaar, has just released ‘GOAT DEKHO,’ a follow-up to his ‘Black Sheep’ video.

In February of this year, RAFTAAR put out ‘Black Sheep,’ an 8-Bit odyssey about how being different was the thing to do. With its catchy hook, “This is the story of a Black Sheep/Black dot/Black fiend/Black heart/Black scheme” and memorable visuals, 2021 started off on the right foot.

‘GOAT DEKHO’ takes what ‘Black Sheep’ was and amplifies it by 10. With his gruff, DMX-like voice, RAFTAAR seems to even have the vocals turned up to 11 on the track. Whereas ‘Black Sheep’ was in a Nintendo-like world, ‘GOAT DEKHO’ takes viewers into a multiverse where sensory overloads are expected. Rapping in front of Satanic imagery and dancers wearing goat skulls, RAFTAAR does not give AF who he offends as long as he gets his point across.

With ‘GOAT DEKHO,’ RAFTAAR has made the soundtrack for going to hell, and there’s going to be a massive party when he takes over.

Watch RAFTAAR’s ‘GOAT DEKHO’ below.