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J Trix causes panic with ‘Tehelka’

The Indian rapper just doesn’t stop

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 Nov 2021

J Trix is a lyrical assassin with a lot to prove on his latest single, ‘Tehelka.’ From the jump, the MC from Kolkata, India grabs the mic and doesn’t let up. ‘Tehelka’ which means panic, definitely is causing that from other MCs who want to go against him.

With a sparse but fast beat to start from Subspace, J Trix begins with a double-time flow that really sets the tone for the whole video. But that’s not enough. About 50 seconds in, Subspace pulls the beat all the way out, and J Trix drops a few bars acapella. Then, a new, funkier, thicker beat is put behind J Trix, but it’s slower. Without missing a breath or a step, the MC keeps going and going.

For another minute and some change, J Trix is still spitting hot fire. Usually, an MC rhymes four to eight bars after a beat switch just to add some flavor to the track. J Trix bodies both beats until they are on the sidelines begging for a time out. He goes so hard that viewers are holding their breath waiting for the MC to take a breath.

In the video for ‘Tehelka,’ J Trix starts off alone, but after the beat switch, he’s joined by his crew. They aren’t doing much on the sidelines but watching in awe at their friend’s lyrical prowess, even though they do freeze for effect at some parts.

J Trix has proven he can make some noise with ‘Tehelka,’ so be on the lookout for more from this young star.

Check out ‘Tehelka’ by J Trix and Subspace below.