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Citybois smoke that DIRTY PACK on their sophomore album

It has been 2 years since the crew dropped PRIVATE INFO

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 13 Feb 2024

It’s not easy to sustain a rap collective of 10 people, let alone consistently dropping heat across multiple years. Citybois are here to buck those sentiments with their latest album DIRTY PACK – a 12-track project that showcases their skills across the various genres of Hip Hop.

Like their debut album, their sophomore release, PRIVATE INFO, sees the Kuala Lumpur group tapping into their respective members to craft tracks that play to their strengths in genres such as Trap, Drill, Hip-Pop, and more. Consisting of Afiq Not Nice, Against Mel, A.Q.U, ChronicalZ, Dinho, ghostbear, Guccimith, PFTD, TASHEY, and Vertgin, each rapper holds years of experience under their belt. Citybois is an avenue to hone the chemistry they have with each other.

A roster of 10 can be too crowded on a single song so we’re blessed with a mish-mash of collabs between the group’s members. ‘VALENCIA’ brings a pairing between ChronicalZ and Afiq Not Nice. ‘OKLAHOMA’ sees Dinho, Guccimith, A.Q.U. TASHEY, and PFTD join forces. Standouts on the album include the Trap-Pop banger ‘MINUTE’, Drill posse cut ‘247’, and the Hyper Pop-esque ‘PANIC!’.

For fans of the Malaysian underground Hip-Hop scene, the record’s tracklist feels like the gathering of the X-Men.

Check out Cityboi’s DIRTY PACK below.