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Despite being in the game for years, Dynamicduo are still ‘2 Kids On The Block’

The OG South Korean duo is back with a double-single

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 7 Sep 2023

When it comes to seasoned vets in the South Korean Hip Hop circuit, there aren’t many who've been going at it for as long as Dynamicduo has. The duo comprises two MCs, Choiza and Gaeko, and they first released an album, called Taxi Driver, 19 years ago. However, the duo were initially part of a trio called CB Mass back in 1999. That’s 24 long years in the game. If there’s anyone who would understand the ins and outs of Asian Hip Ho, it’s them.

Back in June, they released a brilliant four-track EP titled 2 Kids On The Block - Part 1. Fast forward to August 28, they dropped 2 Kids On The Block - Part 2, this time, coming in the form of a double-single. ‘HUNT’, which features PSICK UNIV, opens up part 2, and it’s an absolute head bobber with laidback beats over smooth flows.

The second track, ‘Tear drops’, exists in the realm of Hip Pop, a subgenre that the Korean industry has seemingly perfected. Dynamicduo not only shows off their versatility here, but they’re also displaying their adaptability in today’s sound. All of these tracks will eventually be part of their 10th album, which will be named 2 Kids On The Block as well. No details on its release date yet.

In the meantime, check out the two official visualizers for ‘HUNT’ and ‘Tear drops’ below.