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Namewee’s Big Bird Tour not approved in Hong Kong

One of the stops on his 16-date world tour is not happening

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 17 Mar 2023

Namewee has YouTube on lock. He’s been producing high-level content that gets millions of views for a while now. While he does court controversy sometimes, he also does a lot of dope stuff, like his ‘809000’ video that landed in LiFTED’s Best Videos of 2022 list.

Instead of only always being online, Namewee decided that he wanted to do some live shows. Recently, he joined up with the Luxy Girls and announced that he’d be doing the 16-date Big Bird world tour, which kicks off on April 1 in Taipei. The show would hit Penang, Osaka, KL, Paris, London, Vancouver, and more.

Unfortunately, one of the dates was not approved - Hong Kong. In talking with Radio Free Asia this week, Nameweek was perplexed. "I wasn't approved for Hong Kong," Namewee said. "I don't know why -- it may be due to political pressure, because I have had gigs there before, and this time I'm suddenly not allowed."

He continued "It's a bit unfair, but mostly to the people of Hong Kong. " He then started discussing how China’s takeover of Hong Kong was a bit early. “It's not been 50 years yet, so why are there some concerts that aren't allowed?"

Tickets for Namewee's show in Taipei are here.