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URBOYTJ drops anime-inspired video for new track ‘Super Saiyan’

With invincible powers, the rapper takes out a gang of yakuza

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 18 May 2021

Many rappers of the younger generation have expressed their immense love for ACG [anime, comics, and games] as they grow up with video games and Japanese anime shows. Bangkok-based rapper URBOYTJ is the most recent artist to join in the viral phenomenon as he drops his new track ‘ซุปเปอร์ไซย่า Super Saiyan’ featuring fellow rapper MAIYARAP.

For those who have little knowledge of what Super Saiyan is, it is an advanced transformation of the Saiyan race in the classic anime series Dragon Ball. As one evolves into Super Saiyan, he or she will gain invincible powers. In the track, URBOYTJ unleashes his anger as he pierces those who doubted him with lyrical jabs while MAIYARAP, acting as his sidekick, echoes the feisty attributes of URBOYTJ’s verse.

The music video for ‘Super Saiyan’ maintains a fresh look by flip flopping between live action and anime. The duo is first put in a nutrient tank in an abandoned warehouse like any superhero ready to emerge to save their hood. The gloomy neon lights flash on and off as URBOYTJ and MAIYARAP take center stage. The duo then takes on a gang of thugs in a yakuza-style battle, paying homage to the rich Japanese fictional world. After one lyrical verse, the whole team of bad guys end up on their backs and are finished. With their job done, URBOYTJ and MAIYARAP return to their warehouse as heroes.

‘Super Saiyan’ has now amounted to over one million views since its release a week ago and due to viral demands, URBOYTJ is releasing a collection of T-shirts with him in manga style just as his appearance in the video.

You can own a piece of URBOYTJ’s swag from his Instagram here, and watch the music video below.