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The youth is urged to forget about meaningless happiness on ‘Don’t Smoke’ & the remix

wannasleep & Gummy B’s track is remixed by Multiverse

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Oct 2023

For years and years and years and years, people have been trying to get the law and governments to legalize weed because of all its positive uses. Once that happens in places like half of America and Thailand, the people celebrate by smoking their brains out. This, ironically, turns the younger generation off of smoking the good herb that people worked so hard to get legalized. Or the kids think that marijuana is for old folks, and they would rather be sober now to mess with their parents.

Two weeks ago, Taiwan MCs wannasleep and Gummy B released ‘Don’t Smoke’ where they proudly declared, unlike a lot of Hip Hop cats, they aren’t down with the sticky icky. Over a cold-blooded beat, they don’t their minds to be numb.

Metaverse to their beat and ran with it on the ‘Don’t Smoke’ [Remix]. On it, Eyeball Ray, SheATH, and Macdella all feel that numbs the nerves in the back of the brain. Even though it might feel good to get high, the youth should just forget about the meaningless happiness of a dopamine kick. Instead of worrying about where to get the next bag of grass, people should coordinate their lives and focus on achieving their goals.

Does this mean that the hysteria of reefer madness is back? Or is it just the Hip Hop kids have been so pro-weed for so long, now it’s rebellious to be against it? Check back in six months and see if being anti-weed catches on with the youth.

Check out wannasleep and Gummy B’s ‘Don’t Smoke’ as well as Multiverse’s remix below.