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pH-1 & KEITA link up for an irresistible track in ‘Metronome’

The two MCs go hard on a bouncy beat

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 11 Jul 2023

When it comes to pH-1, there is no doubting how brilliant he is as an MC. Whether it’s a feature, single, or an album, LiFTED’s number four MC never falls short on delivering tasteful sounds to indulge in. When the Korean MC drops something new, one could automatically assume that it’s a banger. More often than not, you wouldn’t be too far off. His latest single, ‘Metronome’, is definitely one. It’s a collaborative track that features the Japanese rapper, KEITA, from the Korean boy band, Ciipher.

Bouncy breakbeats immediately reel listeners in. pH-1 kicks it all off with a stellar verse, dropping line after line about how he’s the flyest MC in the skate park. KEITA picks up from where pH-1 left off, spitting a dope 16. The track is named ‘Metronome’, but the two MCs definitely didn’t need one when they were recording their verses. The video shows pH-1 and KEITA chillin’ at the skate park as well as hopping a ride on a boat because they can.

An irresistible beat, coupled with dope flows and bars from the MCs — that’s the perfect recipe for an ultimate banger. 10s across all the boards on this one from pH-1 and KEITA.

Check out the official music video for pH-1 and KEITA’s ‘Metronome’ below.