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VaVa turns it up a ‘Hundred Times’ with Lizzy Wang for an EDM-style anthem

China’s top female rapper meets the country’s top DJane

LiFTED | Sean D | 30 Jun 2022

VaVa, who was recently ranked number 19 in the LiFTED 50, has made her bones in China’s Hip Hop game by being a fierce MC. DJ Lizzy Wang is just plain fierce and has been ranked as high as number one by Djane Magazine. She’s also a production master with a string of high-octane remixes with the likes of Ferry Corsten, Henri PFR, and Valentino Khan.

‘Hundred Times,’ a collaboration on Warner Music China’s new Pan-Asian Dance label Whet Records, is something of a battle of the female titans where we all win. The result is a track that should shake up the Chinese musical landscape. Lizzy’s instrumental is built around a melodic guitar riff that suggests a romantic mood, but then Future Bass enters and the track starts to throb into a much heavier chorus with Lizzy singing the hook. The chorus is big and leans towards an EDM anthem, which should play well in the mega-Clubs Lizzy regularly headlines.

When VaVa comes in she spits pure fire and takes the track in another direction, which adds some welcome grit to the song. Overall, the union works, and the song should do very well in China’s bubbling Dance-Pop market. Next time, we’d love to hear these two on a big, bass-heavy Trap beat for the streets.

Check out Lizzy Wang and VaVa’s ‘One Hundred’ below.