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Multiverse just made drinking water super fly in ‘Pull It Swag’

The Taiwanese rappers celebrate their hometown Puli

LiFTED | Quilla Chau | 20 Apr 2022

Taiwanese crew Multiverse recently released a song ‘Put It Swag’ that will make you thirsty. If you don’t understand Mandarin, you might not catch the line, ‘Drink up Puli shui’ sounds like ‘Put it swag.’ Actually, Puli is a basin at the center of Taiwan and also the boys’ hometown. Shui in Mandarin means water, which is what Puli’s all about. So, bottles of ‘Puli Shui’ are what EyeballRay, SheATH and Macdella, as well as many other Taiwanese grew up drinking.

Drinking up the purest Puli water, the MCs celebrate their hometown and boast about its place in Chinese History. Over a grimy Trap beat, the three rappers take turns espousing the virtues of their hood with tight bars and a funny hook that tells you to, “drink up Puli shui…ganbei [chug] Puli shui.” In doing so, they are spreading the ancient Chinese wisdom of ‘when one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from’, but making you bounce to the bassline while remembering their source and roots.

The visual for the track is very DIY as the boys drive around in a pickup truck, shoot pool, and basically engage in less pure activities. It works, and the fictional event the Oath of the Peach Garden in the 14th century Romance of the Three Kingdoms gets turned into the Oath of the Tiger Mountain in a 21st century Multiverse Bromance, replacing wine with Puli water. Cheers to Puli water.

Checkout Multiverse’s ‘Put It Swag’ featuring EyeballRay, SheATH, and Macdella below.