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Scene Report

Unity conquers bigger things

A snapshot of the new era of Hip Hop in Vietnam

LiFTED | Kyle Nguyen | 21 Apr 2022

The Hip Hop scene in Ho Chi Minh City is growing and changing rapidly every day, and more and more talented emerging artists are making debuts each month. What makes the Hip Hop scene in Vietnam special is the diversity in styles and genres being created. Artists dropping new music can range from Pop and Rock Rap to Gangsta Rap - so there’s really a variety for all types of listeners.

Another thing that stands out about Vietnam’s Hip Hop is that it is dominated by groups and collectives. There are not a lot of solo rappers, and that may be a cultural thing. In Vietnam, we were taught unity in order to conquer bigger things, and a lone wolf can only get so far.


Quite a few emerging groups are coming up and making noise right now. If you’re into fun, more accessible sounds, then GERDNANG’s brand of smooth, Pop Rap will probably appeal to you. Led by Rap Viet finalist HIEUTHUHAI, the group has delivered a string of big local hits in the past two years, individually and as a unit. LiFTED has covered them many times and they are even the only group to grace our cover back in February.


From the north of Vietnam comes RAPITAL, with a similar vibe but a bit more edginess. The crew fills out at over 10 members and is led by RPT Orijinn. They all start their names with RPT, gang gang style.


If you are into more Emo autotune vibes, definitely check out Coldzy or Vsoul - the two current kings of autotune in the Viet Rap game.


On the more street-level flex, check out Blacka from Crows on Hyenas camp. He’s hard and can spit fire in Vietnamese and English.


Chiennhatlang doesn’t belong to any group, and he’s still kind of on the DL, but he’s making a name for himself.


Don’t sleep on Anh Phan and Minh Lai from the Under The Hood label.


Now let’s talk about the ladies. Many notable female MCs making big waves right now in Vietnam. Check out Tlinh who’s coming up fast and is down with the Queen of VN Hip Hop, SUBOI. She has a very modern twist in her music and can flex in a variety of different genres. She went deep into the competition on Vietnam’s top-rated rap show Rap Viet.


Another talented young lady is Mai Ngo, known as the Vietnamese Cardi B. She has a sassy and straightforward persona and was a supermodel before becoming an MC - you can tell by her flashy, super-styled music videos. She’s relatively new to the VN Rap game, but the name Mai Ngo has been resonating throughout the country.

Check out these talented artists, and keep an eye on Vietnamese Hip Hop because it’s growing like wildfire.