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Singapore’s ShiGGa Shay reimagines what utopia is with help from Aisyah Aziz

superjdoug makes magic by sampling the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s ‘UTOPIA Symphony’

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 19 Nov 2021

Before January of 2020, the idea of utopia for many people was one thing. Now, 700 long days on, utopia is something totally different. On ShiGGa Shay’s new track, ‘uTopia reimagined: chasing’ with Aisyah Aziz, he bares his soul about how the pandemic changed his life, the priorities he has, and what his new definition of utopia is.

This is the third release in the UTOPIA Reimagined Series where artists are commissioned to compose a response to London Philharmonic Orchestra’s ‘UTOPIA Symphony.’ ShiGGa got long-time friend and producer superjdoug to sample different parts of ‘UTOPIA Symphony’ to make the beat. He also got Aisyah Aziz to add some amazing vocals that dropped in the perfect amount of feminine energy that was needed when one samples an orchestra.

“superjdoug brought out a different side of me, as well as a different sound from me – his work on the vocal production has added something different to my usual style of music,” said ShiGGa Shay in a press release. “It’s all very new and fresh to me, and this has given me different perspectives on music. It was a fulfilling process to see how everything fell into place, and I hope that through this track, people will be able to appreciate a different side of Singapore.”

Jazz Vocalist Joanna Dong released the first part of the UTOPIA series, ‘第一章’[The First Chapter] in September. In October, Aisyah Aziz’s ‘Euphoria’ was released. The third serving, ShiGGa Shay’s ‘uTopia reimagined: chasing’ hopes to help people realize what their own utopia really is.

Check out ShiGGa Shay featuring Aisyah Aziz’s ‘uTopia reimagined: chasing’ below.