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Queendom Fest is the first-ever all-female music festival in South East Asia

Zamaera’s dream is finally coming true

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 26 Oct 2023

With 10 female artists and 40 female-owned businesses and vendors participating, Queendom Fest on Dec 16 at Lalaport’s Central Rooftop Garden is Malaysian artist Zamaera’s dream come true as the first-ever all-female music festival. “As one of the few female rappers who have had the opportunity to perform on big stages such as Good Vibes Festival, Round Fest, and Baybeats, I have noticed that female artist representation at local music festivals and showcases has always been outnumbered by our male counterparts,” Zamaera remarked at a press conference held at Z in Botanica Damansara.

She continued, “Just last year alone, out of over 14 festivals and showcases, 84 percent of the performers on stage were males. The music scene is ever-growing, and we are seeing more and more emerging female artists. I feel that should reflect the opportunities that we provide to these female creatives. In the name of inclusivity, equality, and just a genuine love for the arts and culture, I want to see a brighter future for the female creatives of this nation.”

Queendom Fest will feature Zamaera as well as Dolla, Meliha, The Impatient Sisters, Lil Asian Thiccie, Hullera, SYA, Yunohoo, along with DJs MJisvicious and Jovynn. Just because the lineup is all women doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t attend. Zamera said, “If you share the same beliefs as Queendom, we encourage both men and women to participate in this significant event. Because, in 10 or 20 years, you can proudly say, “I was there at the very first Queendom Fest in 2023.” – and what a fantastic way to become a part of history.”

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