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ShiGGa Shay & E.SO drop Drill bomb ‘BO BEH ZAO没⻢跑’

They first performed the song on The Rap of China last season

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 9 May 2024

Nine years is an eternity in the Hip Hop game. ShiGGa Shay and MJ116’s E.SO have been friends for nearly a decade and recently released their first track together, ‘BO BEH ZAO没⻢跑.’ The song was the one they performed when E.SO was on The Rap of China 2023 and needed to pick a guest for a taping. Since they performed it then, fans in both camps have been clamoring for the tune.

‘BO BEH ZAO’ means no horse run in Hokkien, which is a dialect spoken by the Chinese diaspora living in the Southern parts of China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. The beat, made by UK-Drill producer JBMADEIT, GeeMar, and superjdoug, is hauntingly beautiful as it is slow. ShiGGa flows effortlessly between English, Chinese, and Hokkien, as well as busting into double-time flows with ease. E.SO comes in like an assassin on the second verse. On the third verse, the song goes into a Jersey Club-style vibe while the rappers trade lines back and forth.

The video, shot in Taipei over the winter, uses a lot of dilapidated spaces and simple lighting to make both rappers shine. It builds into a crescendo when the crews come out to get hype for verse three.

In an industry full of fake friends, it’s great to see that rappers who have built a real relationship over the years are staying true to what they do.

Check out ShiGGa Shay and E.SO’s ‘BO BEH ZAO没⻢跑’ below.