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ShiGGa Shay collabs with Jay Park for new single uRight

A freestyle about relationship turmoil has turned into ShiGGa’s latest hit

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 27 Feb 2021

After receiving positive feedback from his previous EP, 365, Singaporean rapper ShiGGa Shay has been pumping out new projects non-stop. For his first single of 2021, uRight, he teamed up with Korean Hip Hop superstar Jay Park, UK producer superjdoug, as well as producer OkayJJack from the US.

After a conversation with a personal friend about relationship conflicts, ShiGGa freestyled a verse and it magically matched a mellow trap beat from producer superjdoug, crafting the very first draft of the song. OkayJJack got onboard to sprinkle some magic on the tune, but it needed someone who had an in-depth knowledge of music.

“We wanted to get someone who understood Hip-hop as well as R&B to jump on the song,” ShiGGa said in a press release. “Someone who could convey the emotional message of what we were trying to do. We immediately thought, ‘Could we get Jay Park to do a feature?’”

A few phone calls later and Park was in for both the song and the video.

U right/I’m wrong/That’s why I wrote this song/When the DJ put it on/Tell him this your favorite song/All right/U right/U right/I’m wrong

As for the video, ShiGGa Shay and Jay Park featured parts of Singapore like dark alleys and empty streets that are rarely shown to international tourists, but the famous skyline still shines bright. ShiGGa said, “I wanted to showcase certain places in Singapore that are not usually seen by our friends overseas.”

ShiGGa is not the only one with a lot on his plate. His collaborator Jay Park is a judge on High School Rapper 4, and he is set to host the upcoming 2021 Korean Hip-hop Awards (KHA) with Nucksal and The Quiett.