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Watson, C.O.S.A. & Jin Dogg flex it all on ‘Lil Rich’

This collab was taken from Watson’s latest Soul Quake album

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 11 Dec 2023

Watson is arguably one of the most successful independent rappers in Japan, steadily releasing brilliant bodies of work that boast great listenability. He isn’t stingy with guest verses as well, having been featured on multiple tracks with fellow Japanese MCs this year. The demand for Watson is high, a testament to how dope of an MC he is.

To cap off his 2023, he dropped Soul Quake, a 16-track album, on December 6. One of its highlights is the track ‘Lil Rich’, which features the seasoned vet Jin Dogg and producer/rapper C.O.S.A. It’s three-and-a-half minutes of pure vigor backdropped by a thumping beat, while the three MCs show off their crazy flows and abilities to flex on the verses.

Watson opens the track up with its infectious hook, followed by his verse, where he proclaims “I get irritated when I don't have money/Even if I only have money, I can't smile/So 4 million a month is not enough”. C.O.S.A. takes on the second verse, sticking to the money-flexing tangent. Jin Dogg closes the track off with a masterful delivery, employing his distinct flow for all to feel.

A music video was released on December 8, and it showcases exactly what one would expect – the trio performing it in a club, and the crowd going absolutely stupid listening to it.

Check out Watson, C.O.S.A., and Jin Dogg’s ‘Lil Rich’ below as well as Watson's Soul Quake album.