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PANTHEPACK’s perfect plan for world domination is showcased on ‘Too Many’

Jackson Wang’s supergroup keeps burning up concert venues & airwaves

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Nov 2021

At first, PANTHEPACK was a secret. They debuted a song without anyone knowing too much about who PANTHEPACK was. Now, everyone is wondering how could this supergroup have been kept a secret because they are everywhere?

It’s all a plan by Jackson Wang for world domination. A few months after the grand reveal in which Jackson showed his muscle by getting Karencici, J.Sheon, and Ice - all stars in their own right - to join him in the supergroup. They then put a few singles, an album and while many places around the world are still dealing with COVID-19, they are playing to packed houses all over China, and every fan seems to go home with smiles on their faces.

‘Too Many,’ PANTHEPACK’s latest single, is just another step on the world domination path. It’s a perfectly good Trap hit with all the Autotune you could want and a beat that slaps. The video is just the artists in front of green screens, but they look good. They have new fits. Their hair is beautifully styled. The shots are even colorized to match each artists’ hair color. It feels like there isn’t much difference between PANTHEPACK and the AIs that will be taking over music in a few years.

That is the one flaw in this plan for world domination. Everyone doesn't love perfection. Instead, they like things a little rawer. A little less practiced. Good is good, but perfect may be less good. That’s why ‘Too Many’ will come and go in a flashy minute, but it will be forgotten by the time their third, fourth, or fifth single is released.

Watch PANTHEPACK’s ‘Too Many’ below.