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Jackson Wang heads PANTHEPACK, a new collective creating a lot of ‘BUZZ’

The Hip Hop supergroup also includes ICE, J.Sheon, & Karencici

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 2 Sep 2021

A new Hip Hop supergroup PANTHEPACK has formed under Jackson Wang’s Team Wang label. The collective includes Taiwanese rapper and producer J.Sheon, Chinese Hip-Hop artist ICE, and Chinese-American Karencici. A slickly produced single ‘BUZZ’ was just released to announce the official members of the group.

The single is straight fire, with every member showcasing their skills in style - especially J. Sheon’s beat, which is addictively hooky and provides a perfect Trap bed for everyone to flex on. “Rather than the content itself, which is also important, ‘BUZZ’ is more about showcasing our flavor,” Wang stated.

The group hopes to flip the Pop music scene a bit by incorporating Chinese influences and bringing them into the international spotlight. In an attempt to crossover, Wang hopes to combine Hip Hop with modern Pop sensibilities, or as he calls it, “music by my Chinese people.” The group is all about presenting fun and entertaining music to new audiences, and not being defined by any specific genre.

‘BUZZ’ is actually not the debut track for PANTHEPACK, as they dropped the single ‘DNA’ in April without any official announcement about the identity of the members. Besides Wang’s solo performance of ‘DNA’ on the popular Chinese show, Sisters Who Make Waves, the other small reveal was for their next single ‘Transmit’ which ICE performed at the 2021 Baidu Gala. The mystery has been building and creating a ton of hype in China. The next step is the world.

Check out PANTHEPACK’s latest release ‘BUZZ’ below.