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Thailand becomes Highland with marijuana decriminalization

126 could be Thailand’s version of 420

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Jan 2022

On January 26, Thailand fully legalized weed, becoming the first Asian country to do so and opening the door to many opportunities in the marijuana cultivation market. The Ministry of Public Health’s narcotic division fully decriminalized all parts of the cannabis plant and made them all legal for personal use.

Medical marijuana was legalized in Thailand four years ago. Since then, broader decriminalization laws stalled out, so proponents of legalized weed tempered their expectations. A year ago, hemp was decriminalized. In April of 2021, the non-psychoactive parts were delisted as narcotics. Now, the full legalization of weed for personal use should have a net positive effect on society.

While personal use will be fully legal, commercial use is still a bit up in the air. “The fight is still not over yet,” said Rattapon “Guide” Sanrak of the pro-cannabis group Highland. “We have to keep an eye on the Cannabis Act.” This act will be introduced to Parliament by the health minister today and will have wide-ranging consequences as Thailand becomes the Amsterdam of Asia as soon as the King signs the bill.

Expect a lot more weed-themed songs and videos from Thai rappers very soon.