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Quench that fashion taste with Pocari Sweat merch drop

The Japanese sports drink has been around since the 1980s

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 15 Jun 2023

After a long, hot day B-boying or getting up on walls in dark and dank spaces, a refreshing drink in Asia is Pocari Sweat. This Japanese sports drink was launched in 1980 and it replenishes electrolytes that the body loses when it sweats while doing activities.

When people first come to Asia and see a Pocari Sweat on the shelves, a lot of times their reaction is WTF. But after drinking some, they realize it’s like a Gatorade or a Super Supau, and start to purchase it after a basketball game or a training session.

Pocari Sweat’s ability to quench thirst has made it loved by millions and now b.Eautiful, a platform that showcases artists, is releasing a capsule celebrating the drink. This is the third Pocari Sweat capsule from the company and it features a hoodie, two T-shirts, and a long-sleeved Tee. The main drop is an airbrushed Old School can of Pacari Sweat with beads of perspiration on it. This hyper-realistic version of the drink is a re-release since the first version sold out so quickly.

If you want to commemorate your favorite sports drink, go to the b.Eautiful website now to order it.