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New Wave R&B & Lo-Fi Hip Hop blend nicely on Alisson Shore’s ‘HALAGA’

Because gives the refurbished version a bit more oomph

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 6 Nov 2021

The Philippines’ Alisson Shore is having a busy week. Just two weeks after he debuted his album Garuda, which has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike, he is going an extra mile and releasing a music video for ‘HALAGA.’

Not to be confused with his 2020’s release ‘halaga,’ ‘HALAGA’ kicks it up a notch with his take on modern R&B. Alisson’s slightly-Autotuned vocal is quiet but somehow has a strong presence, and it’s even stronger when accompanied by the dreamy yet ambiguous Lo-Fi beat. Rapper Because then jumps in at the one-minute mark with the beat switch to deliver his somber verse. ‘HALAGA’ is inspired by a failed romance, but Alisson and Because's emotions are what makes this Alternative R&B track hum.

In the music video, Alisson Shore dons a pair of fallen angel black wings as he tries to make calls to his ex-lover. Because, on the other hand, looks dapper in a black suit and while he raps alongside the singer. All shot in a decorative indoor studio, the video is pretty DIY, but who needs an expensive video with the track is that good.

Alisson Shore has gained a large following from local and international music fans for his unique approach to the genre and how he started a new wave of R&B on the island country.

Check out Alisson Shore featuring Because in ‘HALAGA’ below.