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Jay Park named Gucci’s Global Brand Ambassador; drops new single ‘Why?’

Jersey&B is a vibe for real

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 20 Nov 2023

One thing that has been surprising about 2023 is that Jay Park has been a bit more low-key than usual. For him, that is. That means launching his WON SOJU brand in the US with a ton of celebrities, signing one of the hottest commodities in Asian Hip Hop, Jessi, to More Vision, and getting the most female screams at the biggest Asian Hip Hop concert ever, Rolling Loud.

Over the last week, Jay has been picking up his speed to a blistering pace. He was announced as a global brand ambassador for Gucci, saying, “Gucci is a globally renowned fashion brand with more than 100 years of history, continuously evolving in its own innovative and unique way, which resonates with me.”

He also put out a new single, ‘Why,’ where he mixes an uptempo Jersey club sound with R&B. Jersey&B makes dancefloors move and hearts melt as he whisper-sings his troubles with a special lady. In the video, Jay shows off his choreography skills as he dances around some walls with disco ball tiles. A little more than halfway through, the beat switches, Jay takes off his shirt and battles and dances with anyone who will go at him.

This past week shows Jay Park doing the things he does best: pushing fashion forward with big names, making futuristic music with an R&B twist, and dancing like there is no tomorrow.

Check out Jay Park’s ‘Why?’ below.