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HK & 1MILL are smooth as ever on ‘Youngin from Huaimek’

The track is taken from HK’s album KRAZY PAIN 2.0

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 11 Jan 2023

In order to get where you’re going, you need to know where you came from. For the Thai rapper HK, he knows exactly where he was, and it’s exemplified in his track ‘Youngin from Huaimek,’ which features his fellow countryman, 1MILL.

The track is taken from HK’s nine-track album, KRAZY PAIN 2.0, which arrived last month. It serves as a follow-up to his sophomore album which was released in June of 2022, titled Krazy Pain. Produced by BJN BeatZ & TPondabeat, ‘Youngin from Huaimek’ has a chill beat, which both HK and 1MILL effortlessly flow over.

HK spits about the life that he’s living now, and how he would never switch up for anyone. He also declares in the track’s first verse, “I do it for the people who love me/I don't do it for the scene.” And right when you think the four-and-a-half minute track could not get any better, 1MILL steps in at the final portion of it, and delivers his bars in a ridiculously smooth fashion.


An official music video co-directed by HK himself was released on December 29, and it features the two rappers and their crew posted outside the club. Footage of HK and 1MILL performing are also spliced in, alongside trippy visuals edited into the mix.

Check out the music video of HK and 1MILL’s ‘Youngin from Huaimek’ below.