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Jin Dogg & Watson kicks things up a notch on ‘HAHAHA’

The two MCs wile out on their return to Drill music

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 1 Nov 2023

“I’m not trying to be the king or number one right now, however, I do want to be one of the greatest in history,” Jin Dogg once declared. With a work ethic as consistent as his, it’s not unthinkable for him to eventually carve his name into the Japanese Hip Hop history books, especially if he keeps up with the quality he has with his latest release ‘HAHAHA.’

The Osaka rapper’s fourth drop of the year, ‘HAHAHA’ is a thumping Drill heater, in a similar vein to another single he put out a few months ago called ‘Put In Work.’ This time around though, he brought Watson in as backup. Both MCs deliver blistering verses over the course of two minutes. No hooks or choruses are needed when their manic energy more than makes up the need for traditional song structures.

The track also comes with a music video that sees both Jin Dogg and Watson rapping in dark alleyways, dressed the part, and channeling the aggression that has made so many fall in love with the dark sounds of Drill in the first place.

Check out the music video for Jin Dogg and Watson’s ‘HAHAHA’ below.