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Mrs M and Ginjin drop an unannounced ‘Love Track’

Mongolia’s first ‘couple’ of Hip Hop surprise fans with a demo

LiFTED | Sean D | 18 Aug 2021

Mongolian Hip Hop is thriving and has been for years. Nobody exemplifies that scene better than Mrs M and Ginjin, who though not an actual couple, are blood-related and collaborate regularly. They have had some of the country’s biggest hits of recent years, and both are now working on solo projects – Mrs M recently dropped the English language ‘M For Tha Money’ which was produced by hitmaker Harry Fraud while Ginjin released ‘Yer ni Demii’ last month. They have just surprised their fans with an ‘unmastered demo’ called ‘Love Track.’

According to Ginjin, it’s a simple song that empties a full clip of positivity on the haters who are jealous of a strong couple who are happy and making moves. Staying true to the track’s title, they mostly sing on it with some rapped bars. Mrs M sounds smooth as silk as usual and Ginjin’s auto-tuned singing is surprisingly effective. The skills are obvious, and this is pretty dope for just a demo!

Check out Mrs M and Ginjin’s ‘Love Track’ below.