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From KL to Japan, SonaOne & Shurkn Pap need their ‘Homies’

There’s a little twist on who gets to kick it

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 11 Mar 2022

When guys hang out, they usually speak about the ladies, drink some adult beverages, tell jokes about each others’ family members, discuss sports, and generally just talk a lot of sh*t. Just as women need a ladies’ night every once in a while, guys also enjoy a night with the homies.

In ‘Homies,’ a cross cultural collab between Himeji, Japan’s Shurkn Pap and Kula Lumpur’s SonaOne facilitated by Future Shock project, Brooklyn Yas, bpm plus asia, and M.A.U Collective, the homie is a companion, and she’s down AF with all the other homies, too.

SonaOne is first to rap in ‘Homies,’ over a feel-good 2000’s-style beat produced by dubby bunny. On the hook, he raps that instead of letting her get jealous, he lets his girlfriend kick it with his boys because she’s a homie. As a matter of fact, she might be better than his friends because she’s going home with him. She pops bottles. She doesn’t complain when people are checking her out. She stays silent if the po-po comes. And if they are in the studio, she wants to get on a track.

After the hook again, Shurkn Pap pops in with his raps in Japanese with some English phrases thrown in there. His flow is smooth, and he really likes drinking sake, eating sushi, and rolling through Himeji with his homie.

When the clouds disappear in March and the sun starts to shine, everyone starts thinking about summer summertime. With the bouncy beat, feel-good story, and two dope MCs doing their thing, ‘Homies’ is a nice warm up for the summer.

Check out SonaOne and Shurkn Pap’s ‘Homies’ below.