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The LiFTED 5: Harry Fraud's Asian Strategy

“I want to touch Asia because the music scene is so diverse and rich with talent”

LiFTED | Sean D | 22 Jun 2021

The LiFTED 5 is five questions for busy movers, shakers, and moneymakers in the Hip Hop world about everything from their current projects to past hits to dream collabs - whatever makes them tick.

In this edition of The LiFTED 5 we sit down with Hip Hop hitmaker Harry Fraud, who is one of the hottest producers on the planet right now – coming off massive albums with Curren$y, Jim Jones, and Benny the Butcher in the past year. He’s also got new tracks coming out with Mongolian superstar Mrs M, starting with her latest single ‘M For Tha Money.’ We want to know how this collaboration came about, and if it’s part of a bigger Asian strategy – we can only hope.

You’ve had an incredible run since 2020, and most of it happened during the pandemic, which makes it even more impressive. Your sound is really starting to shape Hip Hop. What’s your take on the current state of Hip Hop?

I feel like Hip Hop is in a great place right now. The access to making music is better than ever so we are seeing a wide range of talent and styles. There are so many sub-genres like what’s going on in Detroit that the term Hip Hop encompasses more than ever.

Can you tell us a little about MRS M’s new single ‘M For Tha Money’? How did you guys come together? How many tracks did you work on?

‘M for Tha Money’ came together from some sessions we did at my studio in NYC. Mrs M was brought to my attention by Chip Quigley, who found her through b2 Music in Hong Kong. Her cool, calm, and stylish aesthetic instantly caught my eyes and ears. Plus the fact that she was coming out of Mongolia making waves was just so original and dope to me.

What was your recording process like? Did you send her beats and then she demoed them or did it all happen organically in your studio?

The recording process was very seamless. She’s a true professional and we put our heads together along with my engineer Herb Sims who lent his talents to the song as well. Once we had the foundation of the song, Mrs M was able to take it and perfect the vocals in their final form.

Is working with Mrs M part of a wider move to start working with other Asian or international artists?

Working with Mrs M is definitely part of a conscious effort on my part to expand my work outside of the US. I’ve done extensive work in Europe with my Brooklyn to Paris project and now I want to touch Asia because the music scene is so diverse and rich with talent.

Please let your Asian fans know what you got cooking for the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

I’ll be continuing my work with Mrs M and other Asian artists with b2, as well as releasing collaborative projects with artists in the states. My next one will be with the super talented rapper Dave East from New York.